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Caroline's Story

At the age of 21, with her Canon SLR carefully stowed, Caroline Gibello ventured into the Himalayas. The serene spirituality and breath-taking landscape she encountered sparked a passion for adventure,  a passion which still burns strong. Inspired by the adventure of life, Caroline’s work conveys a strong sense of beauty and reverence for spirit: images that bear witness to the multi-colours, textures and tapestries of the world in which we live. At the root of all Caroline’s adventures is mystery and it is this which inspires the freedom of her work – a freedom which allows for an image to reveal itself in whatever light and composition her creative eye defines. This quiet surrender, rather than active pursuit, emanates a genuineness and gentleness from her images.

Her enduring affinity to Africa, and her insatiable thirst for travel, has led to a body of work imbued with a quiet, serene essence and deep appreciation for our natural world.Her photographic prints, with their signature sun bleached palate and soft toned hues, continue to inspire patrons from all corners of the globe. They are Caroline’s unique and intuitive way of expressing her innate appreciation for the beauty of our planet. In sharing her images, she hopes to contribute to the critical shift in consciousness around the preservation and conservation of our precious home.

“My journey in Africa began a long time ago. The call of the wild inhabits the deep recesses of my soul. A primordial longing to connect with the force of nature resides deep within my being. This journey fuels the wild beating of my free will. It is one which I love to share. Africa is in me as it is in you. It is a deep resounding, pulsating life force, alive with rich memories of where we all have been and where we all long to go, to be alive…”

Her photographs are all testament to a deep-rooted reverence for our natural world and her beloved Africa. Change through inspiration!

Adventure, passion, mystery, travel…


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